Wood, paints and raw materials

We have also opened a second business sector since 2017. We took up the challenge in the industry related to the very broadly understood construction sector. Each part of the business in this sector is so wide that it should be considered as a unique one.


Wood was used for construction since ages. We know and we spread the knowledge among our customers about the quality of different types of wood. Trees have souls, trees have theirs own language. Trees behave differently in different circumstances. Seasonal weather, place where it grown have tremendous meaning for the quality of wood. We supply what is the best.


Every human eyes are attracted to things which we can call as a beautiful. How can we bypass the meaning of colors in terms of beauty? Paints which we offer are the most beautiful, more durable, more attractive for customers, because it include also technology which impact on standard of life for customers who choose what we offer.

Raw materials

Bricks, cement, iron bars are just some of the elements important for the construction industry that serve humanity to ensure the existence. We are constantly looking for technologies in the field of basic building materials that will improve the safety of employees during construction works. The future begins today if we work together to implement new technologies. Materializing the idea of using environmentally friendly building materials to create a better new world should be a breakthrough in the coming years in the construction sector.